Akron Poultry Farms

5433 Crittenden Road

Akron, NY 14001

From Our Farm to YOUR home

Hi, I'm Mark Midecke , along with my family (and friends); we operate a small farm in Akron, NY called “Akron Poultry Farms”.  The way we sell our goods, I deliver right to your home.   Want to be on our sales route? (Buffalo, NY and it's suburbs), I’ll stop at your home every 3rd week. (for those who want something most of the time). You may choose your purchase at that time  (Or)

We do accept pre-orders and Standing Orders 

 A look at our routine:       

Saturday (sometimes Sunday) and Monday are the days we prepare our goods for sale.       Tuesday through Friday are the days we make home deliveries. I revisit most of the neighborhoods I service once every 3rd week.