Akron Poultry Farms

5433 Crittenden Road

Akron, NY 14001

From Our Farm to YOUR home

Hans, the founder, Marks grandfather, grew up in Europe during World War 1 and experienced first hand what it was like to have money but no food, (only farmers had food) for nine months all his family had to eat were turnips. For a lack of family resources, in his late teens he left home to find a better life. This took him on an adventure to South America, Africa and eventually to meet up with his childhood sweetheart, Mary, in Buffalo, NY.      
​ They married, and a year later had a son named Herman. Hans went to work in factories as a machinist (as he was trained in Europe), He also tried a food market, and it failed. Later he was involved in a number of different dairies, bottling and delivering milk.  Remembering the hunger he experience in his younger years Hans always wanted to live on a farm. in 1936 he started looking for one. Mary, his wife, didn’t take to this idea very well, Country life was hard, they compromised and Mary agreed to farm life if it had indoor plumbing. That narrowed the choice to 1 farm, the one on Crittenden Road in Akron.

  1936 (even though they didn’t have a clue about farming), Hans and Mary bought that farm. It was a typical farm, couple of cows, a horse, pigs, ducks, a few chickens. They also grew vegetables and had fruit trees. 

1937 was tough; a kerosene heater caught fire and burned both barns down. Hans and Mary were devastated, it left a life long impression on their 7-year-old son as well. Over the next few years they rebuilt; nearly bankrupt, Hans was desperate for a means to generate income from this farm. World War 2 gave him that opportunity. With beef rationing, poultry became very popular, and Hans filled the barn with chickens. Through trial and error, he developed ways to raise and prepare chickens for sale that were more desirable than most others in the business.  The name AKRON POULTRY FARMS was registered. Hans did a brisk business selling mostly to neighborhood deli’s and a few homes in the city (Buffalo). 

1948, his son Herman entered the business. Herman’s passion was for home delivery sales.  This proved a good choice. In the 1960’s super markets rapidly gained popularity, putting an end to the neighborhood deli’s. The home delivery business did well because the quality of our goods exceeded that of the larger markets who stressed price. As the standards of quality rose, it became clear, the Crittenden Rd. farm was not going to produce the best of all products. At that time partnerships and agreements with other farms were established, and along with our own goods we were able to continue to offer the best. 

1974, Hans’ grandson Mark entered the business. More specialty products were introduced, such as “ Boneless chicken breasts”, Plainville Farms turkey products, peaches and more. 

1987, George, a family friend, takes over for retiring Herman and brings an attitude of higher quality for all our products.

2011, George retires and Mark changes to a 3 week rotation to accommodate the added work. George and the family volunteer their time at the farm to cover the responsibilities.  

OUR MISSION STATEMENT…… It is our goal, to offer, the very finest and most wholesome agricultural products that a person or family can use in their day-to-day life. We will also deliver it to your home personally to assure its freshness and quality and to give you as much information about the product as possible.   
Sincerely yours,
Mark Midecke  

Hans Midecke  (Founder) 
Herman Midecke, (Retired) 
Mark Midecke  (Current) 
George Kieffer (almost retired)